24V 10Ah Little Frog Li-ion E-Bike Battery Packs Rechargeable Electric bicycle batteries

24V 10Ah Little Frog Li-ion E-Bike Battery Packs Rechargeable battery For Electric bicycle batteries



1.Model: NCM18650-7S5P

2.Volt: 24V

3.Capacity: 10Ah

4.Standard Charge: 0.2C

5.Continuous Charge: 0.5C

6.Continuous Discharge: 1C

7.Maximum Discharge: 2C

8.Weight: 4.0kg

9.Size: 80*150*180mm

10.Operating Temp.: -20~+60deg C

11. Including Battery Cells, BMS, Charger and Case


Automatic Wireless Battery Charger Caller High Frequency 300EA

Automatic Wireless Battery Charger Caller High Frequency 300EA

Category:wireless receiver in nursing station

Dimensions:650mm X 270mm X 100mm

Decoding type: Registrationmethod

Number of display: 1EA

Use power supply: AC120V/60HZ-DC12V/1A

Number of sound:1~4 Round

Receiving sensibility: -180dbm


Caller available: 300EA

Delete function: Automatic

Sound category: 12 Class

Display time:1 Second~99 Second, Infinity
User guide
Its controlling center is specialized receiver for Restaurant. All sets and controls are finished by specialized receiver for Restaurant. You can set, delete, and change the corresponding number by it. When the client need service, he can press the button. (Which is installed on the seat, easily found). The receiver can receive the signal and display its corresponding number. The service people in Restaurant can make sure which client need service. The system has two functions: delete by hand or by itself automatically. You can set the time to delete.
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Strong 3W Rechargeable CREE LED Flashlight With CR123A Lithium Battery

Light Source: LED Type: Flashlights
LED Light Source: Cree Flashlight Type: Rechargeable Flashlight
Batteries: 2pcs 3.0V CR123A Lithium APPLICATON: Military, Police, Fireman

Strong 3W Rechargeable CREE LED Flashlight With CR123A Lithium Battery 


TD-V28 3 watt CREE LED  flashlight,  tail cap switch,

function: strong light,  soft light,  and SOS flashing.

2pcs 3.0V CR123A lithium batteries (not include),  white box packing.





It is specially designed to use for military,  police,  fireman and etc.




1) Aluminum alloy housing with knurling on the body and tail
2) Portable and compact design
3) Product size: 32.5X 24.5X 139mm,  weight 119 g and battery: pcs CR123A lithium batteries
4) Light source: 3 watt LED CREE LED.
5) Luminous flux: more than 180 lumens.
6) Long life and low power consumption.
7) On-off push-button locked switch in the tail
8) Shock-proof and weather-resistant
9) Color: black,  chrome (customer’s color is acceptable)



Competitive Advantage:

1. Reliability: The shell is made from aluminum material for aeronautics and is numerical   control machined.

The surface is coated electrolytically with oxide. It is robust and  highly resistant to shock and vibration
2. Safety: It is compact , dustproof and waterproof; the battery is auto-protected if it is  over charged or discharged
3. Energy saving: High efficiency of semiconductor devices that convert electricity  to light can save 70% energy

compared to traditional light source based on the same brightness
4. Economic: Long life-span ,  minimized maintenance hassles and costs (no need to  replace bulbs and no any maintenance cost)
5. Environment consideration: Lithium battery , green and environment protected,  no  memory and low possibility to discharge by itself.
6. Convenience: Small,  light and fashionable .It is easy and comfortable to hold it by  hand or ware it in haunch
7. Uniqueness: White light with high brightness,  tender and clear,  stroboflash. It can transmit signal between long distance.


Original Launch BST-760 Battery System Tester

Detailed Product Description
Supported Language: English, Spanish, German, French And Italian, Etc.
Original LAUNCH BST-760 Battery System Tester-EA
It is Simple, secure , fast , and accurate display test results ( the test takes about 3 seconds)
Original LAUNCH BST-760 Battery System Tester-EA
Why buy BST-760 Tester from us ?

1. Supported Language: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian, etc.
2. Product Principle: The world’s most advanced conductance test technology
3. Scope: Suitable for 6V & 12V battery system and 12V & 24V starting and charging system detects.Apply to the European and American countries
Main Parameters:
1 Shell ABS anti-acid plastic , soft rubber TPU corrosion-resistant package,two-color molding
2 128 * 64 dot matrix , large backlit display screen (3 inches ) adjustable brightness LCD display
3 The configuration of the 0-900A AC and DC current clamp
4 Built-in thermal printer , the test results can be printed out at any time
5 Can store 100 groups of test results data , ready at any time to view and print any of a group of test data
6 Test standards , including the most commonly used battery standard,such as CCA,BCI,CA,MCA,JIS,DIN,IEC,EN,SAE,GB
7 Operating Temperature: -20-60 ℃ (-4-140 ℉)
Product Advantage
  1. Eight lines with backlight LCD display and humane language prompted interface
  2. Does not emit light , no heat , no discharge , no spark , no operating dangerous
  3. Configuration 0-900A AC and DC current clamp
  4. Built – in thermal printer
  5. Can store 100 groups of test results
  6. Automatic temperature compensation function
  7. With ripple voltage test function
  8. Powerful auxiliary functions
  9. Multi- language menu display
  10. Replaceable test lines
  11. Dedicated Kelvin test clip
Advanced Functionality
  1. Applicable to a variety of models, all kinds of batteries , and a variety of system mode
  2. Directly detected in the car , do not need to remove the battery
  3. Directly test the battery of the loss of electricity , bad cell battery
  4. Testable starting / charging current
Powerful Auxiliary Functions
  1. View / Print
  2. Ammeter Function
  3. Thermometer
  4. QC mode
  5. License plate number input function
  6. Time and time format Adjustment
  7. User information input
  8. Display backlight brightness adjustment function
  9. Print sharpness adjustment
  10. Standby power function

3.7V 1500mah Lithium Battery Bait Boat Parts For Remote Control Handset

3.7V 1500mah Lithium Battery Bait Boat Parts For Remote Control Handset



Only one battery is needed for a remote control handset.



Size 51*33*5mm(length*width*height)
Volume 3.7V/1500mAh
Weight 0.02kg
Battery working Time 10 hours
Usage Making remote control handset run


Battery Use Notice:

  1. Before use, the batteries for boats and remote control handsets need to be charged, and the initial charge time should be no less than 8 hours.
  2. After a long-term storage, the battery should be charged once every two months.
  3. If the bait boat will not be used for a long term, please take the battery out after charging it.
  4. DO NOT put the battery in the sun directly or any places near fire sources.
  5. The battery can NOT be put at places where are accessible to children.
  6. Charging the lithium battery separately from the remote control handset is prohibited, the battery must be kept inside the handset.